Why should I migrate to Magento 2

For all the online retailers who are using Magento 1 for their store, the question raises like why and when should they migrate to Magento 2. This article is planned to help merchants to ask themselves why to migrate to Magento 2 and wait to follow the latest version of Magento 2.

Why upgrade to Magento 2?

Merchants who work for Magento 1 on your store, is the best way to look forward to work with the new versions of Magento 2. Instead of upgrading Magento 1, it is better to Migrate to Magento 2, especially when you are still going with the existing version of Magento 1.
Comparing with Magento 1, you can see Magento 2 has incredible benefits helpful for both the Magento store owners and users. It comes with improved features which help to increase the loading speed.
Magento 1 is a flexible platform, consists of a unique element that help consumers to create their e-commerce stores with different kind of functions. However, unlucky, the flexibility of your Magento 1 platform doesn’t provide a high-efficiency platform. You find several missing elements in Magento, such as specific mobile support, loading of web pages, etc. If you want to get those elements, you must depend on third-party extensions.
However, Magento 1 is well-known for lacking loading speed. Even if you find many ways to speed up your Magento store, you will fail to improve the page load time. That’s the reason why Magento 2 is here, to fix common issues in Magento 1.

What’s new in Magento 2?
Now, let us see some of the new features that you can obtain from Magento 2:

A user-friendly checkout
Magento 2 checkout process is redesigned to make it more comfortable for the customers as compared to Magento 1. The check out pages guide the customers in 2 simple and easy steps.
The checkout process in Magento 2 is more accessible for customers than Magento 1. The process is redesign in such a way that a consumer can easily understand and follow simple and easy steps during checkout. Due to this, you can reduce shopping cart abandonment and boost your conversion rate on Magento 2 e-commerce stores. These show the best ways to satisfy your customers.
If your client browses products without log-in on your Magento 2 E-commerce stores, or if they are new users they will redirect directly to their guest checkout screen. Guest checkout screen helps to enter an email address, acts as a registered customer. In case, if they are registered users and forgot their login details, then the system starts recognizing emails automatically and redirect to a checkout page where they can find saved information in a single step.

Improved performance and scalability
If you are fed up to improve the site performance of Magento 1, then you will be happy to know that the Magento development team mainly focuses on increasing the site performance for Magento 2.
Magento 2 can run 20% faster compared to the existing version of Magento 1. Speed plays a significant role in the development of e-commerce. Therefore, speed promotes higher conversion rates and increases sales which are beneficial for SEO.
Magento 2 is an expert in managing vast catalog which doesn’t affect the speed of a site and is flexible for both small and large e-commerce stores.

Easy admin interface
Magento 2 build a new admin interface designed in a user-friendly which is comfortable for the new users to learn. It reduces order processing time, categories and pages for a store. However, no need to be an expert, people with basic knowledge can also modify the appearance of the store even if it launches with new collections on a store.

General choices of better extensions
You can replace Magento Connect with Magento Marketplace assist in searching extensions for your Magento 2 store. Magento developer checks all the extensions sold on the site before they enter into market developers review and approve all the extensions on the Magento 2 e-commerce store. You can be confident about the extensions bought by you are of high-quality, and if any problem arises, you will get support and help from the developers of Magento.
Magento 2 has two more payment options added to the extensions such as PayPal and Braintree. These are the two famous online payment platform over the globe. Retailers who are interested in upgrading your online store can use Worldpay and Cybersource to their extensions.

Mobile Responsive
At present, responsive is a keyword used for the success of e-commerce stores. Most of the people do their online shopping through mobile or tablets. By considering everything, Magento 2 development team mainly focused on the features of mobile responsiveness. It comes with flexible themes, simple mobile checkouts systems, and integrated video. Since the admin panel is a touch screen interface, you can efficiently manage your store via Smartphone’s and Tablets.
These are the reasons why businesses are actually Migrating to Magento 2. If you have any queries you can discuss with our experts at Exinent LLC.

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By Satyanarayan Verma

Founder of Matic Technology, Mr. Satyanarayan Verma is Web Developer , Digital Marketer, social strategist and E-commerce consultant. After mastering in computer application, he has worked with full confidence and dedication as software engineer, Developer and Consultant. His diverse skills have helped him to become the award winning digital marketing consultant. The core activities at his firm are dedicated to technology and web based services. Prior to founding Matic technology, he had provided his service at various places including EA Inc, PMC Inc, Insideup Inc , Webdunia(I) Pvt. Ltd., Sofmen Technologies . His experience is entrepreneurial, and that’s why he offers diverse web services with his efficient team. When it’s regarding social causes, he is concerned for animal welfare, education, and social services. To serve his clients as the startup advisor, keynote speaker, and website design consultant, he works and guides the team as a true leader so that ultimate services are offered. He has served many clients including the top ones that are highly satisfied and happy with the services.

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