I am very much glad on announcing launch of our new website, i.e. Prosatya.com. This is a blogging platform related to Business Marketing Growth. Here we share latest trend of business marketing growth, i.e. SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, etc. Also we write about the business-oriented topics. We also accept guest post from the user’s.

Here is the good news: First 50 guest post is free on the launching of the website Prosatya.com. Interested people can contact us at prosatya@gmail.com.

Below mention are some of our concerns which need to be consider before sending us proposal for the guest posting:

Must haves:
* Article must address a specific topic, challenge or issue in IT industry.
* The piece must provide analysis or knowledge, or stimulate debate.
* The article must be original content and can not be published elsewhere.
* The article must not be an advertisement or promotional in nature. We can provide a short bio and photo at the end of the article with a link to your site.

We prefer:
* Growth Marketing articles (i.e. topics in the ‘Digital World’ field including SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Growth Hacking, Mobiles Reviews, Laptops, AI, Big Data, Software, Hardware, Mobile Apps, Web, etc).
* Business-oriented articles (i.e. topics about crossing from idea to innovation that address topics including startups, change-management, investment, regulatory, legal and cultural considerations, growth, etc).

We need more:
* Leaders , Entrepreneurs and Writers.
* Articles and contributors from different areas – specifically Asia-Pacific countries, Africa, and more regions of the US and Europe.

* Any professional who failed in a big way and wants to share the story and experience.
* Anyone who can share knowledge that health tech innovators need to do well, and who can teach them. For example, implementing design thinking, preparing for an investment round, competing in innovation/startup contests, entering new markets or conducting clinical studies.

All posts are reviewed by editorial staff before being published on http://www.prosatya.com submissions will be considered for timeliness, relevance, originality, and constructive commentary. Not every submission will be published. Any submissions which have been, or are under consideration for publication elsewhere, will not be considered.


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